Take Action: Join The Movement!

We need to build a team. A team that we can count on.

Joining this movement is a significant committment and we encourage those who are ready and able to act to join us now. We need partners that share our committment to setting aggressive goals and doing everything in our power to exceed them.

How can your organization help?
  • By donating toys or school supplies
  • By donating logistical services and support, either on the ground or in the air
  • By providing on the ground volunteers to transport and deliver shipments

Please note, while individual volunteers are integral to the execution of our missions, The Toy Movement is currently seeking corporate partners who can support at a logistical, strategic level. We appreciate any interest from individual volunteers and encourage you to donate your time to a worthwhile cause; no deed is too small if it brings a smile to someone in need.

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Join the Movement